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Ahh, the open road! Nothing like the peace and serenity of mile after mile of outstretched highway, waiting for you to take it. Own that blacktop, gliding beneath the wheels of your car, the horsepower behind the pedal… it’s all yours.

Wait a minute! You don’t know how to drive though!
Those miles of pavement might just be waiting for you to seek out that next adventure, like a character from some great American novel, but we can’t mistake our right to freedom with the privilege of how we can pursue it. We have a right to the road, but if you can’t prove yourself to be a safety conscious user of the automobile, looks like it’ll just be the good ‘ol trusty bicycle for you.

Welcome to A-1 Driver’s Training. Here, the experienced and licensed staff will educate you through all the lessons needed to confidently operate a car or truck on the open roadways with the millions of other motorists out there. Between the 30 hour classroom curriculum, spread out over ten 3-hour sessions, and a total of 6 hours of behind-the-wheel training, new drivers leave with the confidence and knowledge needed to pass that state test. And in the end, own that coveted passport… a drivers license. 
If you are 14 years of age or older and would like to begin your driver training instruction check out A-1!!